What We Offer

Our depth of experience covers many applications:

AC Vector, Servo and DC Drive Systems

- Network based
- Open communications
- Software based drives

Process Control Integration

- PLC/ Soft PLC
- Distributed I/O
- Graphic interface

Plant Level Information Management (IT)

- SPC (statistical process control)
- Data trending
- Recipe based
- Database management
- Stop cause reporting
- Scheduling
- Lot tracking


- Continuous Filament Fiber Lines
- Warping Slashing
- Dyeing and Finishing Ranges
- Coating Laminating
- Inspection Systems


- Blend lines
- Needle punch lines
- Cross-lappers


- IRI and FM approved
- Flame safety control Systems


- Drawing
- Spooling
- Cabling

Fiber Optic

Tension Control


Coaters / Laminators
Center winders
Flying splice
Film orientation

Food / Chemical

Batch operations
Heat Control

Carpet Ranges


Paper Machines


Our support is uncompromising.

To ensure your satisfaction, we offer service to back up everything we do.

  • 24 / 7 assistance
  • Automatic paging
  • Cell phone access
  • On-line diagnostics
  • 24-hour customer access to documentation via a bulletin board
  • Service technicians with an average of over 11 years of experience