Who We Are

At R.A. Moore, everything we do is built on the principles that have made us successful: quality, service and caring.
  • We are absolutely committed to quality, not only in our designs, components and workmanship, but also in our choice of associates and in our relationship with customers and vendors.
  • We are unrelenting when it comes to service, which we never forget is the defining factor in customer satisfaction. We are especially pleased that in an independent survey, R.A. Moore customers rated us as excellent overall.
  • And we genuinely care about the impact our work has on others, especially those who account for our success.

Holding to these principles, we're proud of the work we do and how we do it. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve you with the same dedication we've shown customers since 1983.

Providing precise control, R.A. Moore is the technology leader in the integration of drives, process control and information technology (IT). With an impressive history of successes, we not only offer the knowledge you need, but our can-do attitude means we welcome the challenge of solving problems.

From designing new systems to retrofitting existing ones, our experienced designers, programmers, assemblers, and technicians are equipped to provide full integrated solutions for continuous processing and batch operations.

Attention to detail in wiring and assembly in our UL Certified shop ensures quality. We also provide full in-house testing and simulation for all systems.

With designers averaging over 25 years experience, our in-depth knowledge base enables us to design and build your control solution.